Analytics solutions & Business Process Improvement
Analytics solutions & Business Process Improvement
for logistics industry

Why Robotize for Robotic Automation?

Cost Reduction
Increased Productivity
Increase Quality
Gain New Capacity
Improve Data Security
Faster ROI

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Power of RPA’s


Cost Reduction on Operating Cost For Back End Process.



1/3 rd

FTE Cost of Deploying One Software Reboot

Power of RPA's Illustration

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is the innovation that enables enterprises to design software robot to mimic human actions connecting inside advanced frameworks to replace repetitive business process. RPA studio captures capture keyboard, mouse events, the human interaction with Web and Desktop applications and in a combination of advanced OCR techniques and AI to develop software Robots. They decipher, trigger reactions and speak with different frameworks so as to perform on a tremendous assortment of dreary undertakings. Just generously better: an RPA programming robot never dozes, commits zero errors and costs much not exactly a worker. As opposed to other, conventional IT arrangements, RPA enables associations to mechanize at a small amount of the expense and time experienced. RPA is likewise non-nosy in nature and uses the current foundation without making a disturbance in existing basic frameworks, which would be troublesome and expensive to supplant. RPA increases proficiency, and consistency while reducing costs.

Benefits of RPA

  • Faster ROI
  • Minimum investments
  • No changes in existing applications
  • Highly Flexible and Easy to Manage

What RPA Robots can do?

The following tasks can be performed by RPA robots without any human interaction.
  • Connect to Remote System using REST/HTTP APIs
  • Send and Receive Emails using SMTP/PO3
  • Send and scan emails from Outlook
  • Exact data from Excel, Access DB, MS Word, Adobe PDF, etc
  • Login to desktop or Web applications
  • Input data into Web or window forms
  • Send Text Messages
  • Copy/Paste data across applications
  • Upload Files using FTP
  • Move Folders and Files
  • Read And Write data to databases such as SQL server, Oracle, Access DB and many more
  • Scrape data from web sites

What Industries can be Benefited From RPA?

RPA can eliminate repetitive manual tasks and free up your resources to do more productive tasks. Any well-documented task or business process which follows certain rules, guidelines and mature can be replaced with RPA robots. There are different strategies to implement RPA for your organization, starting with Proof of concept to deployment of one specific task. RPA robots are fit for imitating many– if not most– human interaction with applications and systems. They sign into applications, move records and organizer, reorder information, fill in structures, extricate organized and semi-organized information from archives, scrub data, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Banking & Financial: Account Receivable & Payable; Card Activation and Fraud detection
  • Insurance: Claim processing, Under writing, and New Account setup
  • Healthcare: Claim processing, and Reports generation
  • Manufacturing: Account Receivable & Payable, Bill of material generation
  • Utilites: Meter reading verification